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ScopeOne provides access to a suite of Credit Analysis products for credit risk managers, lenders, and debt investors to obtain the insights needed to achieve results.

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Credit Analysis

Scope Ratings, the leading European credit rating agency, offers clients opinion-driven, forward-looking and non-mechanistic credit risk analysis, creating a greater diversity of opinion for institutional investors. Scope Ratings is a credit rating agency registered in accordance with the EU rating regulation and operating in the European Union with ECAI status.

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Credit Analysis product lines

Scope presents credit research and assessments from a distinctly European perspective.

Credit Review | Scope One

Credit review

Gain access to the primary early warning system for companies’ credit quality. This product is made available in partnership with Coface. The benefits of these Credit Review assessments include that they are timely, available for every company globally, and reliable, as Coface uses these same assessments to manage their own credit risk exposures worth hundreds of billions of Euros.

Credit Research | Scope One

Credit research

Read the latest research in the credit sector covering all rated entities, industries and regions that are of interest to you.

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Credit Sphere

Obtain the essential insights needed to support you in your credit risk assessments. Access public and subscription ratings with global coverage and a European perspective.

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ESG Analysis

ESG Analysis

Our ESG impact analysis uncovers corporate impact on sustainability, taking into account the entire upstream supply chain.

Fund Analysis

Fund Analysis

ScopeExplorer, accessible via ScopeOne, provides you with insights on funds and asset management capabilities. It connects asset managers, intermediaries and investors working with funds and grants them access to Scope’s preoperatory database, ratings and qualitative assessments.